My Color is Love

The Challenge!

At the end of the day, we all want something that is real, something that is true, something that we can count on. What if you received something you didn’t deserve, something you weren’t expecting, or something for nothing? What if you were the recipient of such a gift? What if you were the one that shared it? That’s what True Colors is all about. Share your true color, the color of love.

Here are a couple of neat ideas to get you started; the next time you are in a drive-thru, pay for the person next in line; take a moment to visit a local hospital or hospice center and simply leave a card of encouragement to a family in need, gather a team of friends who would pitch in and make a care package for a service member or college student.  Be creative; make it fun, you may never know how far a single act of kindness will go.



With each act of kindness, please leave a “True Colors” card to share the mission with the recipient. They might just be encouraged to embrace the message and spread the love, too!

 Click here to download the True Color Cards absolutely free.  


Visit the store to obtain the premium high gloss cards.


When you have a minute, please return to this page and share your experience with the community. Our motive is not to "be seen", but that the world may see love in action!

Tell us your story!

Written by My Color is Love — February 05, 2013

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